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Intellext and WorldCC provide intelligent contract tools to accelerate deals and empower non-legal teams.

Language Clarity

Contracts are vital, but often penned in dense Legalese. Intellext and WorldCC aim to change this with AI that translates complex terms into plain language, empowering all team members to understand and expedite agreements. This breaks down barriers, enabling non-legal staff to manage risks and hasten contract processes.

Contract Creation

ContractIX is an open-source contract building and analysis tool. It features 70+ customizable templates powered by Intellext’s Universal Contract Framework and WorldCC’s Guiding Principles. ContractIX makes creating compliant, readable contracts easy for everyone.

Harmonization Hub

Intellext’s KReveal tool offers AI-powered contract harmonization for enterprise and government. Our technology produces a heatmap of deviations to find and optimize your baseline template and standard alternates. Intellext has partnered with Deloitte to bring harmonization at scale to your organization.


A groundbreaking open-source initiative from WorldCC and Intellext, offering a suite of over 70 customizable contract templates, all for free. Grounded in Intellext’s Universal Contract Framework and WorldCC’s Guiding Principles, it’s designed to empower our community, making contract creation accessible to everyone.

What’s Now: A powerful tool for immediate contract customization and creation.

What’s Next: Stay tuned for AI-driven learning modules, insightful blogs, and a vibrant community forum, all aimed at enhancing your contract management journey.

Contract Harmonization at Scale

Facing the challenge of aligning hundreds or even thousands of contracts to a single baseline standard? Collaborate with us or engage with our esteemed consulting partners, including Deloitte, to streamline and standardize your contract portfolio efficiently.

Democratizing Contract Understanding

Intellext and WorldCC are on a mission to democratize access and contract understanding for non-lawyers in the enterprise. The legal department within an enterprise generally only represent 1% of the organization, yet they control the “language” of contracts, i.e. “Legalese.” By simplifying contracts to plain, readable language, the other 99% of the enterprise can accelerate deals and optimize negotiations in parallel to the legal department’s role to mitigate risk.

"AI is set to transform contract negotiation. Intellext's ContractIX simplifies contract language, a game-changer for the many in business who manage contracts without legal training."

Sally Guyer, CEO WorldCC

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